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TransFast : International Money Transmitter

Features and Benefits

  • Highest Exchange Rate Guarantee: We're confident that we can offer you the highest exchange rate, we guarantee it. If you receive a higher verifiable quote on the same day you plan on transacting with us, we'll guarantee to beat the other rate. You must provide proof of the competitor's higher exchange rate. Email for more information.
  • Low Transfer Fees: We have some of the lowest transfer fees online.
  • Guaranteed security & privacy: uses Symantec Website Security Solutions, which includes industry-leading SSL, certificate management, vulnerability assessment and malware scanning.
  • Pay by bank transfer, credit or debit card: We give you the freedom to choose how you fund your online money transfer.
  • 24/7 Phone & Online support: You can reach anytime of the day via phone or online web chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods can I use to send money?
    Funds are debited directly from your US bank account. Trans-Fast takes care of all wire fees. You can send funds as soon as you confirm the 2 deposits that Trans-Fast makes into your account. You can also use your US based credit/debit card.
  • What methods can I use to receive money?
    You can receive funds in three ways:
    1. Cash pick up in over 10,000 locations;
    2. Delivery to your doorstep in qualified locations
    3. Bank deposit.
  • How much does Trans-Fast cost?
    We have some of the most competitive service fees in the industry.
  • How long does it take to complete my transaction?
    This is determined by two components: your payment method and the payout method.
  • Payment Methods Accepted
    Bank Account - Recipient receives funds 4 business days after you validate your bank account with us. We do this for your protection. However, release of funds could be sooner in succeeding transactions, depending on your transaction history with us. For example: On your second transaction, funds may be available after 2 business days; on your third transaction, funds may be available immediately.

    Payout Methods:
    Cash Pick Up - Immediate release or within one (1) day
    Bank Deposit - Immediate release or within one (1) day
    Delivery - Same day to several days depending on distance.

  • Why do you require a street address?
    We require a street address to verify you as the account owner, and to protect your identity.
  • How do I change my recipient's information in my account?
    You can change your recipient's information everytime you create a transaction.
  • How does Trans-Fast determine the foreign exchange rates for my transactions?
    Exchange rates are based on world currency markets, which continually change.
  • Which currencies does Trans-Fast support?
    At this time, US and CAN Dollars only.
In the case there is any issue with your transaction, Trans-Fast will send you an email with an explanation.

Glossary of Terms

  • ABA/Routing number To make a transaction from the USA, you will need to enter the Routing number or ABA, which is a 9-digit routing number that can be found on a check issued from the institution at the bottom of the left hand corner or online.
  • Exchange Rate The Exchange Rate is the rate at which a currency will be exchanged for another. It also represents the value of one currency against the other.
  • IFSC Code The Indian Financial System Code (also known as IFSC) is an 11 digit code for identifying the bank and branch in which an account is held. The IFSC Code is required for all payments to India when sending Rupees.