Currency Exchange FAQs

Currency Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much cash foreign currency I can buy to travel abroad ?
    When purchasing foreign currency in India, travelers are allowed to take up to US$ 3000 in cash or equivalent value in other currencies and the rest has to be taken in the form of either Travel Card or Traveler’s Cheques or a bank draft. There are some exceptions to this rule depending on the country you are travelling to:

    Up to US$ 5000 or its equivalent in cash is allowed for travelers going to:
    • Iraq
    • Libya

    Up to US$ 10,000 or its equivalent in cash o is allowed for travelers going to:
    • Islamic Republic of Iran
    • Russian Federation
    • Other Republics of Commonwealth of Independent States
  2. How much foreign exchange does Indian allow for business trip?
    Q. I am going to UK for a business trip to promote my business. How much exchange can I get?
    A. Authorized dealers are permitted to release foreign exchange equivalent to a maximum of US$ 25,000 for a business trip. If you need more, then RBI permission is required.
    Q. I am going to Nepal for a business trip. How much foreign exchange can I get?
    A. You can’t get any foreign exchange for trips to Nepal.
  3. Will I get the rates shown on your website?
    The rates quoted are indicative and subject to change. The rate you receive will be subject to when you go to the store and how much you want to exchange. Our guarantee means you’ll get the best rate, either the online rate on the day of collection or the in store rate.
  4. What documents will I need to provide while buying foreign currency?
    Indian Nationals & Foreign Nationals residing in India:
    1. Passport
    2. Confirmed ticket
    3. Visa
    4. Addn. doc. for Foreign National residing in India
    5. India Visa Page duly stamped by Immigration Authorities.
    6. Residence Permit
    7. Student ID issued by Government College

    Non Resident Indians / Foreign Nationals:
    1. Passport
    2. CConfirmed ticket (Travel within 7 days)
    3. Encashment certificate (In case value > INR 10,000)
    4. Valid Indian VISA
    5. Address Proof* (if address is not mentioned on the passport and customer is not able to produce any address proof a “Declaration of Permanent Address” duly signed by customer may be obtained)
  5. How soon can I buy my foreign exchange?
    Foreign exchange can be bought 30 days prior to departure.
  6. Foreign exchange allowed for study abroad ?
    Q. I am planning to go abroad for study. How much foreign exchange can I get?
    A. For each academic year, authorized dealers are allowed to release up to US$ 100,000. However, if more is required, then you need an estimate of the amount required from the education institute you are joining. Students can also receive from relatives up to US$ 100,000 to help them meet their monetary requirements while studying abroad.
  7. Taking Indian Rupees to Indian or Out of India
    Q. I have some Indian Rupees with me from my previous trip to India. Can I take this money back to India on my next trip legally?
    A. Legally, up to Rupees 5000 can be taken into India in such cases from any country other than Nepal or Bhutan.
    Q. How much cash in Indian currency can be taken out of India?
    A. Up to Rupees 5000 is allowed.
  8. Foreign exchange in India for tourism
    Q. How much foreign exchange can I get for a tourism trip abroad without RBI permission?
    A. Up to US$ 10,000 is allowed per financial year without RBI approval from authorized dealers. This does not apply if you are travelling to Nepal or Bhutan as no foreign exchange is given for these countries.
  9. Immigration related foreign exchange
    Q. I need to show a lump sum of money in my account to get immigration in Canada. How much money can I send from Indian for this purpose?
    A. None! No amount of foreign exchange is allowed to be remitted outside India earning points for immigration visas.
    Q. I have a job offered to me abroad, how much foreign exchange; will I be allowed to take?
    A. Those going abroad for employment purposes are allowed up to US$ 100,000.